Arashk. Clutchmate of Kaszuk, Traz and Varakt

Lizardman Officer


Clutchmate of Kaszuk, Traz and Varakt
Master of the murky mire
Hunter of the scale-less despoilers

Arashk is a member of the Nightscale tribe of Lizardfolk, living in the costal swamp and marsh land near Saltmasrh.

Tall and imposing Arashk has a dark blue tint to his otherwise rich green scales, on closer inspection some of his larger scales have been inscribed with draconic like script. If asked Arashk proudly tells the stories that the scales are inscribed to record, the great deeds he has accomplished in the defence and for the betterment of his tribe.

A true believer in the teachings of Semuanya Arashk is not bound by the scaleless ones concepts of morality. He understands the savage beauty of nature and the laws of both the wild and the tribe. Whilst not cruel his outlook is savagely focused. Every action is taken for the betterment of his people and in his desire to learn, test and improve himself.

A hunter and war party leader Arashk is self-sufficient and a proficient leader patrolling the tribes territory to fend off attacks by Sahuagin, Humans and even merfolk on occasion.

One of the spoils of a repulsed human raid was a rusty greatsword, when given time to reflect he looks on with wonder and jealousy, at the spoils of civilisation and he dearly wises to introduce some of the concepts and rewards that higher civilisation would bring to his otherwise disorganised people. He sees the advancement of his people as something of a holy quest, to awaken Semuanya and empower the world serpent.

One day he will wield fine weapons, destroy his tribe’s enemies and bring order and prosperity to his tribe.


Arashk. Clutchmate of Kaszuk, Traz and Varakt

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