The battle continues

Nienna notices the damaged infirmary door and swings it open to reveal an unconscious Eiravel with a Ghoul in the room searching through her belongings.
The Ghoul is slain but Nienna has been bitten. Eiravel and her earrings are rescued.

Tristen rushes to the sound of Rosenns’s screams from her chamber. Roglud aids in dispatching a Hobgoblin sorcerer.
The Ladies are rescued and moved into the garth.
Malvanos’ chambers are the site of a battle but he has survived.
Ruan is missing.

The Main chapel is the site of another battle.
Tomas is sacrificed by a Hobgoblin priest of Bane before he can be saved.
Goblin batteldancers swirl in to attack, a Hobgoblin sniper in the bell tower is stung by Panwyr and falls to his death.
The Battledancers are knocked out by Nienna’s Color spray spell.
The leader escapes into the under-croft.

The party regroups and then pursues, the under-croft is full of Goblin bodies.
A Ghost of a priest of Tyr attacks,

The party convince him of their intentions and are rewarded with a blessed Aspergillum.

1 set of Earrings (Jespyr)
blessed Aspergillum. (to be returned)
untested potion (Nienna)
3GP 14SP 37CP

to follow.


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