The party continue their investigation.

Ruan hands the infirmary keys over on the condition the the Treasury and Under-croft are out of bounds.

A crow bar is discovered, Eiravel, tomas and Ruan are questioned leading to frustration on both parties.

Ruan defends the suggestion that one of his clergy could be responsible.

With no new leads the party retire to their quarters, this time a watch and preparations are made.
Later something tries the door, Goblin language is heard.
The enemy start to break the door down, Armour is frantically donned.

A brutal battle with Hobgoblin masters and Zombies is fought.
Roglud eviscerates several zombie without consideration for his personal hygiene, Tristan is downed by a single shot from a heavy crossbow.
The long dead zombies were wearing robes of the priests of Tyr.

The party assembled in the Garth become aware of the sounds of battle from several directions, Rossen’s screams from the chapterhouse and flames from the library.


Well things have certainly taken a dramatic turn. The fact that the zombies are dressed in the wearing the robes of priests of Tyr strongly suggests that someone has been down into the undercroft. Whether they have been hiding out down there all along or have only just popped down that even to animate zombies that evening remains to be seen. And then there are the hobgoblins; someone could have just let them in this evening (we have’t had time to check out the gate-house yet) or they could have been hidden in the bowls of the undercroft of days waiting for the time to strike.
Is there a traitor within the Priory? We all seem to agree that Eiravel is probably a Tiefling and we are told that she is a thief but she does not seem to give of an air of someone with a grudge against the temple. Who does that leave? I am far from certain but if I had to choose one I would say Ythel. His dusty prayer books suggest to me that he has lost his faith. We were told that he was a student of Ruan back in his Brotherhood days, perhaps when Ruan quit Ythel took it personalty and has been cultivating a grudge ever since. I’d be the first to admit that the theory is pretty thin; it doesn’t explain why Ythel waiting (what we can only assume to be) years before enacting his revenge.

Retribution 4
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