The Party settle in to the routine of the Priory trapped by the weather.

The simple life of the priests is further disrupted.

Ruan reports that some one has opened his window, nothing is missing. It appears to have been opened from the inside.
His past as a member of Tyr’s strictest followers “The Brotherhood of the Unalterable way” is revealed by a scourge that was not hidden from view.
Nothing appears to have been taken.

Malvanos leads an unsuccessful hunting trip into the haunted woods.

A fox with its heart cut out is discovered in the chapel at night.

A large lintel narrowly misses Ythel in the chapter-house.

The priory is secretly searched, see Nics notes below.

That afternoon two of the Triad statues are tipped over and smashed. nobody heard them fall.



More mysterious happenings at the Priory.
Neinna determines that the poison that killed the birds is rat poison. Ythel admits that there is some in the kitchen and that he has been putting some down to kill the rats. So is there a mundane, non-sinister explanation for the dead birds: they just ate food intended for the rats? Well if their death was the only odd happening of late I would probably agree but there have been so many other mysteries such as…
Ruan’s self-opening window. Was this just the work of a forgetful old man or did someone use it to sneak out of or into the Priory? And then there is that scourge hanging in Ruan’s office. A reminder of the folly of a misspent youth he tells us and I am inclined to believe him.
The stone block that nearly fell on Ythel. Hard to tell if that was just bad luck or whether it was an attempt on his life. If the latter why would anyone want to harm Ythel? Maybe just to make everyone feel less safe, Of course a very twisted explanation would be that Ythel did it to himself in order to throw of any suspicions.
What clearly has no innocent or accidental explanation is the ritually mutilated fox found in the chapel. Bloody tracks are seen in the snow heading towards (or from) the acolytes’ quarters and/or the infirmary. We find a bloody knife in Rosenn’s quarters but the blood appears quite old and she admits to Tristan that she has a history of self-harm so I for one doubt that this was the weapon used on the fox.
The mystery around Eiravel deepens. Nienna’s x-ray spying shows that she has a spell component pouch as well as a mysterious kit of bottles and vials that Nienna cannot identify. And why does she smell of brimstone under all that perfume?
And then finally there is the throwing down of two of the three statues in the chapel. Odd that the statue of Tyr is spared. Being saved for last perhaps?
While most things seem to be getting murkier and murkier at least one mystery has been cleared up: Malvanous was suspicious of Nienna because he thought she might have been sent by his father. Apparently the Priory’s guard is on the run from an arranged marriage.

Retribution 3
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