Roglud force marches to catch up with the party after spying on the Lizardmen.
The first wolves are slain after a quick battle that saw arrows snatched by the wind and injuries to several members.
Roglud saw larger Dire wolves among the pack and the party forge on.
The weather and wolves will make their survival outside the Priory questionable.

Upon reaching the gates Malvanos the half elven guard welcomes them.
They are taken to meet the venerable Curate Ruan who is pleased to meet outsiders and keen to help with the mission.
Over a pleasant but simple supper there is talk of the decline of the priory, strange lights and footprints in the woods below.
A traveler Eiravel was rescued unconscious in the woods and is recovering in the infirmary.

Tomas youthful, helpful and slightly annoying.

Rosenn. the librarian, shy and very afraid of Orcs and their kind.

Ythel Acolyte, chef, dishwasher.

The party sleeps well without feeling the need for a gaurd.
The next morning the call to prayer is interrupted by a women’s screams.
The party with Roglud dresssed for war find Rossenn hysterical and upset by the discovery of the bodies of birds that she had been feeding.
Nienna inspects the tiny frozen corpses and discovers blue staining on their beaks from poison.

XP 300 each


Last week’s adventure certainly seems to have raised a few mysteries. Such as…

Why winter seems to have arrived in such a rush? Everyone seems to think it is odd but does off equal sinister? Could it be connected with the tales of a white dragon sinking ships that we have heard? The priory is (comparatively) in-land, not to mention up a mountain, to be effected by a creature at sea. But then again perhaps it was at sea only because it was swimming towards land. Or then again perhaps there is another answer all together.

What about the lights that both Malvanos and Ythel have mentioned. Malvanos thinks they are bandits or some such while Ythel thinks they are the spirits of the dead. Are they connected with the booted tracks Malvanos has seen by the entrance? If they are it would seem to favor Malvanos’s explanation.

The missing icons. Over dinner we were told that religious icons, called Justicars (I think), were going missing. Is there a thief in The Priory (other then Jespyer)?

What is Eiravel up to? According to Jespyer she stolen some valuable earrings. Now things are going missing in the Priory. Could Eiravel, the lights, the foot-prints and the missing Justicars be linked? Could there be a gang of bandits camped out in the woods with Eiravel as their Trojan Horse? She steals things every now and then. Periodically the bandits sneak up to the Priory and then Eiravel passes out the loot.

How did Rosenn’s birds come to be poisoned? It could just be an accident. The other alternatives are, as far as I can tell, someone deliberately killed them or the poison was meant for someone else and the birds got to it first. In the former case the only reason I can think of of poisoning the birds would be to torment Rosenn. Why would someone have it in for her? Well she certainly seems a little scared of something , even asking Tristan for re-assurance that no monster could get into the Priory. And then there are hints of some past tragedy involving orcs.
Then again the poison could have been intended for someone else and the birds just ate it too. Imagine this: someone is being poisoned via their food. The amounts are small to avoid detection but will build up each time the victim has another meal. The scraps of the meal, however, have ended up somewhere the birds can eat it. As the birds are much smaller the dosage is lethal to them straight away.

Finally there is Malvanos’s odd attitude to Nieanna. At first he seems quite fascinated by her (and why not) but when she speaks he looks suspicious. I’m tempted to chalk this up to good old religious intolerance. I suspect that Malvanos is a devout Tyrist and doesn’t like people extolling the virtues of other gods in the Priory.

Retribution 2
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