The Council Of Guilds plans for the attack on the Sahuagin lair.

The party will rendezvous with an advance group from the Daggerford watch and a scout party of lizardmen at The Priory of Cymer.
The Priory is devoted to Tyr the god of justice and has fallen out of favor with the local population after a failed prophecy.
The fortified priory will be a secure location for the various groups of the reconnaissance group to assemble.
Rumors of a White Dragon sinking fishing boats are overheard in Daggerford.
Jespyr is offered a reward for the return of stolen earrings. Thieves guild information says the thief a woman named Eiravel is at the priory.

The party prepares
Healing potions and swimming potions are purchased,
With mead and meat laden mules, for the priests of the maimed god in way of compensation, the party departs.

The day starts well with a late breakfast at Gillian’s Hill and an uneventful nights camp.
The next day the weather rapidly changes, mist becomes sleet, temperatures drop quickly.

On the second day the party are ambushed by Hobgoblins and goblins in the woods.
Many arrows are exchanged and the goblins flee or are cut down.
The battle doesn’t all go the party’s way, Nienna’s illusion spell helps swing the tide.
The weather turns to snow and quickly starts to settle. This is an unnatural storm even for Faerun.

Hypothermia starts to set in and the protecting Ioun stone is passed back and forth.
The party must reach the Priory or perish in the blizzard.
The Priory is getting closer but the weather makes progress difficult.
Wolves and Dire wolves circle the party eyeing the mules.
A few of the wolf pack test the parties strength and move in to attack.

XP 300 ea

masterwork theives tools (Jespyr)
masterwork silver dagger (Tristan)
2 vials Holy warter (Nienna)
3 bronze goblets 25gp each
147cp 207sp 18gp


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