The Final Enemy 1


10th of Ches The year of the Gauntlet.

The party rest, train and prepare at the Priory.
A little later than planned due to the unnatural weather the Lizard man and Daggerford marines arrive.
Delfin has sent a crate of magical equipment to aid in the quest.

The reinforced party proceed to the coast. Crossing the Saltmarsh avoiding wildlife and a pair of Boiler birds.

The Sahuagin lair is an off shore island linked by a causeway.

Retribution 6

What happens in the Dungeon stays in the Dungeon.

The party head into the Underdark. Narrow tunnels and precipices lead to a large chamber with a sheer drop to the floor 50ft below.

As the party consider how to descent. A trap is sprung and fast zombies camouflaged with mud spring from the walls and rush forward attempting to push the heroes over the cliff. Good fortune prevails and no one is pushed over.

After dispatching the zombies the party descend with ropes. Roglud waits until all have descended before he reveals that he has found a concealed stairway.

Onward into the labyrinth. A huge chamber with a tidal surge of seawater.

Nienna shows how to cross timing it just right and sprinting across without so much as getting her feet wet. The others fair not so well tripping or being swept onto the shore. A lone Hobgoblin foolishly attempts an ambush.

The party explore the lair and find quarters for Undead, Hobgoblins and someone with more Human requirements. All the caverns are currently empty.

Eventually the arch villain Ythel is discovered. He has Ruan on a sacrificial altar, a pit below him filled with bodies of animals, humans and Goblins.
He attempts to explain his master plan, but the party are not listening, he must be slain.

Predictably Ythel asks for Bane’s aid and Devils “Bane’s gifts” are summoned from the pit.


Battle commences and Roglud charges forward to cut the head from the snake.

The Devils are a stronger opponent than expected and both Tristan and Jespyr are downed.
Nienna heroically distracts the devils lest her unconscious friends be consumed before her.

Ythel panics he has underestimated the house guests.
Its a close run thing but Ythel is slain and the Devils dispatched back to the Nine Hells.
Ruan is rescued and the party return to the priory.

The storm stops sometime in the next few days, It appears that the events might not be linked.
The party rest and prepare for reinforcements from the Lizardmen and Daggerford.

All players level.

1600 each

Ythel’s black painted +1 breast plate (Roglud)
potion of invisibility (Jespyr)
2 Potions of CLW (Nienna + Roglud)
4 bloodstones 50gp each
Garnet 500gp
Onyx 50gp
potion of blur (tristan)
scrolls of cure mod wounds,invisibility expeditious retreat,identify, silence (Nienna?)
24pp 350gp 188sp

Retribution 5

The battle continues

Nienna notices the damaged infirmary door and swings it open to reveal an unconscious Eiravel with a Ghoul in the room searching through her belongings.
The Ghoul is slain but Nienna has been bitten. Eiravel and her earrings are rescued.

Tristen rushes to the sound of Rosenns’s screams from her chamber. Roglud aids in dispatching a Hobgoblin sorcerer.
The Ladies are rescued and moved into the garth.
Malvanos’ chambers are the site of a battle but he has survived.
Ruan is missing.

The Main chapel is the site of another battle.
Tomas is sacrificed by a Hobgoblin priest of Bane before he can be saved.
Goblin batteldancers swirl in to attack, a Hobgoblin sniper in the bell tower is stung by Panwyr and falls to his death.
The Battledancers are knocked out by Nienna’s Color spray spell.
The leader escapes into the under-croft.

The party regroups and then pursues, the under-croft is full of Goblin bodies.
A Ghost of a priest of Tyr attacks,

The party convince him of their intentions and are rewarded with a blessed Aspergillum.

1 set of Earrings (Jespyr)
blessed Aspergillum. (to be returned)
untested potion (Nienna)
3GP 14SP 37CP

to follow.

Retribution 4

The party continue their investigation.

Ruan hands the infirmary keys over on the condition the the Treasury and Under-croft are out of bounds.

A crow bar is discovered, Eiravel, tomas and Ruan are questioned leading to frustration on both parties.

Ruan defends the suggestion that one of his clergy could be responsible.

With no new leads the party retire to their quarters, this time a watch and preparations are made.
Later something tries the door, Goblin language is heard.
The enemy start to break the door down, Armour is frantically donned.

A brutal battle with Hobgoblin masters and Zombies is fought.
Roglud eviscerates several zombie without consideration for his personal hygiene, Tristan is downed by a single shot from a heavy crossbow.
The long dead zombies were wearing robes of the priests of Tyr.

The party assembled in the Garth become aware of the sounds of battle from several directions, Rossen’s screams from the chapterhouse and flames from the library.

Retribution 3

The Party settle in to the routine of the Priory trapped by the weather.

The simple life of the priests is further disrupted.

Ruan reports that some one has opened his window, nothing is missing. It appears to have been opened from the inside.
His past as a member of Tyr’s strictest followers “The Brotherhood of the Unalterable way” is revealed by a scourge that was not hidden from view.
Nothing appears to have been taken.

Malvanos leads an unsuccessful hunting trip into the haunted woods.

A fox with its heart cut out is discovered in the chapel at night.

A large lintel narrowly misses Ythel in the chapter-house.

The priory is secretly searched, see Nics notes below.

That afternoon two of the Triad statues are tipped over and smashed. nobody heard them fall.

Retribution 2

Roglud force marches to catch up with the party after spying on the Lizardmen.
The first wolves are slain after a quick battle that saw arrows snatched by the wind and injuries to several members.
Roglud saw larger Dire wolves among the pack and the party forge on.
The weather and wolves will make their survival outside the Priory questionable.

Upon reaching the gates Malvanos the half elven guard welcomes them.
They are taken to meet the venerable Curate Ruan who is pleased to meet outsiders and keen to help with the mission.
Over a pleasant but simple supper there is talk of the decline of the priory, strange lights and footprints in the woods below.
A traveler Eiravel was rescued unconscious in the woods and is recovering in the infirmary.

Tomas youthful, helpful and slightly annoying.

Rosenn. the librarian, shy and very afraid of Orcs and their kind.

Ythel Acolyte, chef, dishwasher.

The party sleeps well without feeling the need for a gaurd.
The next morning the call to prayer is interrupted by a women’s screams.
The party with Roglud dresssed for war find Rossenn hysterical and upset by the discovery of the bodies of birds that she had been feeding.
Nienna inspects the tiny frozen corpses and discovers blue staining on their beaks from poison.

XP 300 each



The Council Of Guilds plans for the attack on the Sahuagin lair.

The party will rendezvous with an advance group from the Daggerford watch and a scout party of lizardmen at The Priory of Cymer.
The Priory is devoted to Tyr the god of justice and has fallen out of favor with the local population after a failed prophecy.
The fortified priory will be a secure location for the various groups of the reconnaissance group to assemble.
Rumors of a White Dragon sinking fishing boats are overheard in Daggerford.
Jespyr is offered a reward for the return of stolen earrings. Thieves guild information says the thief a woman named Eiravel is at the priory.

The party prepares
Healing potions and swimming potions are purchased,
With mead and meat laden mules, for the priests of the maimed god in way of compensation, the party departs.

The day starts well with a late breakfast at Gillian’s Hill and an uneventful nights camp.
The next day the weather rapidly changes, mist becomes sleet, temperatures drop quickly.

On the second day the party are ambushed by Hobgoblins and goblins in the woods.
Many arrows are exchanged and the goblins flee or are cut down.
The battle doesn’t all go the party’s way, Nienna’s illusion spell helps swing the tide.
The weather turns to snow and quickly starts to settle. This is an unnatural storm even for Faerun.

Hypothermia starts to set in and the protecting Ioun stone is passed back and forth.
The party must reach the Priory or perish in the blizzard.
The Priory is getting closer but the weather makes progress difficult.
Wolves and Dire wolves circle the party eyeing the mules.
A few of the wolf pack test the parties strength and move in to attack.

XP 300 ea

masterwork theives tools (Jespyr)
masterwork silver dagger (Tristan)
2 vials Holy warter (Nienna)
3 bronze goblets 25gp each
147cp 207sp 18gp

Danger at Dunwater 6

The party are led to the site of the attacks by a lizardman guide.
No sooner then they reach the area than the crocodile attacks.
The huge creature attacks and savagely rends Oceanus.
Unnoticed by the party a Pan Lung Dragon is controlling the beast and watches the battle with some amusement.

The crocodile is slain and the dragon enters the fray with its boiling water breath weapon.
The battle is savage but short, the dragon is slain after a barrage of missiles and the savage claws of the Wolverine Roglud.

The creature has a hoard of coins and magic in its nest.

The LizardMen agree to send an envoy and escort back to Daggerford with the party to negotiate an alliance with humans against the “Final Enemy” the Sahuagin.

Their allies are revealed as Merfolk, Locathah and aquatic hobgoblins the Koalinth.
The Koalinth abandon the alliance and flee the area.

On their return to Daggerford with their Lizardman escort the Council of Guilds immediately summons them.

The alarm which the Town Council members felt when they first heard about the possibility of an attack by lizard men is as nothing
compared with their abject terror on hearing about the sahuagin. The reputation of these wicked creatures is well
known in Daggerford; the knowledge that a sahuagin horde is established only 50 miles from Daggerford fills the Town
Council with dread. Some members of the Council go so far as to suggest evacuating Daggerford altogether, for the
meagre resources of the town would be quite inadequate to counter a sahuagin attack if this were to come. The lizard
men explain the arrangements they have made for an alliance with the mermen and the locathah .Oceanus will try to persuade the
aquatic elves to join the alliance and this goes some way towards appeasing the Councillors. But there remains a very serious problem
the lizard men’s preparations are by no means complete and it will be some time before the forces of the various races – lizard men, locathah, mermen and possibly aquatic elves – can be assembled for an assault on the sahuagin fortress. In the meantime, an attack on Daggerford could come any day immediate action is needed. The Councillors want an immediate attack on the sahuagin, despite the fact that
inadequate resources exist to ensure the success of such a venture.
After a long debate, a compromise is reached. The representatives of the locathah and mermen will go immediately to their homes and hasten the assembly of fighting forces which will return to Daggerford as quickly as possible .
In the meantime a small advance party of humans and lizard-men will mount a reconnaissance in force on the sahuagin fortress, to test its strengths and probe its weaknesses.
The representatives of the lizard men agree to provide a force of 12 warriors and 2 officers to join such a party.
Humanity will be represented by the party of adventurers who have been shown themselves so capable in the past.
A reward of 10,000gp is to be given to the party on completion of the mission.
Additionally the Town Council will send a squad of 6 marines – local men – to add support.
Oceanus is in something of a quandary. Should he go with the party on their mission or return to his tribe and persuade his chief to send a force of warriors for the combined assault? In the end his loyalty to the party and his lust for adventure win his internal debate — he will go on
the reconnaissance with the party. The Town Council agree to send a messenger to the aquatic elves who will convey Oceanus’ request,

The objectives of the mission, which must be accomplished if the reward is to be gained, are fourfold:

1. Determine the strength of the sahuagin force — how
many warriors, lieutenants, barons etc. are present.
2. Locate important areas within the fortress — e.g. where
are the warriors barracked, where are the officers
quartered, etc.
3. Discover any significant defensive measures — where are
there traps, areas readied specifically for defense and
so forth.
4. Discover how advanced are the sahuagin preparations
and when they might mount their first attack.

XP 500xp each

Treasure lots:
1000gp each reward money
+2 scimitar
potion of Heroism (2 draughts)
Restorative ointment
Scroll of halt Undead in a stoppered bone tube.
“Skull witness” a sentient +1 long sword with X-ray vision.
necklace studded with diamonds and rubies value 3500gp

Danger at Dunwater 5

The party proceed into the lair.

Discovering Kitchens, A larder stocked with shocking food stuffs including Gnoll and giant frog.
An armory loaded with weapons supplied by the Daggerford smugglers.

The party decide to exit and regroup.
On their exit they are confronted by the chief and his officers.
Fortunately he can speak common and a truce is negotiated.

A Weregild payment in compensation for the slain warriors is agreed.
Gold is paid without hesitation by Nienna.
A rabid giant Crocodile that is devouring patrols must be slain.
The Lizardmen are powerless to respond to this relentless hunter as the Crocodile is a sacred creature to them.

The party rest and regroup within the lizardmen lair in preparation for the Crocodile hunt.


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