Thork "Boiler Bird"


These stork-like birds live exclusively in or near water. Although they are similar to the stork in appearance and shape, closer inspection will reveal that the feathers are metallic – they are in fact pure copper and for this reason a bird is worth up to 200 gold pieces. An observer will also notice that wisps of steam will normally be seen rising from the bird’s beak, though no discernible heat is radiated by the body.
The ‘boiler bird’ is a benign creature and will only attack in self-defence if an obviously hostile party approaches within 30’, for example.

To attack, the Thork squirts a jet of boiling water at its opponent. The
The bird is capable of sucking in the necessary quantity of water and
heating it in one melee round, so its breath weapon attack will take
place one round after the creature decides on this course of action.
However it is capable of delivering only three such attacks each day,
after which it will attempt to elude its enemies by swimming away
or if it cannot escape, it will defend itself by striking with its beak.

The Thork collects only platinum pieces or other small objects made
Of that metal. It normally conceals them under a boulder or in a chink
in a rock face near the water’s edge.


source: Fiend Folio 1st edition 1981

Thork "Boiler Bird"

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