What happens in the Dungeon stays in the Dungeon.

The party head into the Underdark. Narrow tunnels and precipices lead to a large chamber with a sheer drop to the floor 50ft below.

As the party consider how to descent. A trap is sprung and fast zombies camouflaged with mud spring from the walls and rush forward attempting to push the heroes over the cliff. Good fortune prevails and no one is pushed over.

After dispatching the zombies the party descend with ropes. Roglud waits until all have descended before he reveals that he has found a concealed stairway.

Onward into the labyrinth. A huge chamber with a tidal surge of seawater.

Nienna shows how to cross timing it just right and sprinting across without so much as getting her feet wet. The others fair not so well tripping or being swept onto the shore. A lone Hobgoblin foolishly attempts an ambush.

The party explore the lair and find quarters for Undead, Hobgoblins and someone with more Human requirements. All the caverns are currently empty.

Eventually the arch villain Ythel is discovered. He has Ruan on a sacrificial altar, a pit below him filled with bodies of animals, humans and Goblins.
He attempts to explain his master plan, but the party are not listening, he must be slain.

Predictably Ythel asks for Bane’s aid and Devils “Bane’s gifts” are summoned from the pit.


Battle commences and Roglud charges forward to cut the head from the snake.

The Devils are a stronger opponent than expected and both Tristan and Jespyr are downed.
Nienna heroically distracts the devils lest her unconscious friends be consumed before her.

Ythel panics he has underestimated the house guests.
Its a close run thing but Ythel is slain and the Devils dispatched back to the Nine Hells.
Ruan is rescued and the party return to the priory.

The storm stops sometime in the next few days, It appears that the events might not be linked.
The party rest and prepare for reinforcements from the Lizardmen and Daggerford.

All players level.

1600 each

Ythel’s black painted +1 breast plate (Roglud)
potion of invisibility (Jespyr)
2 Potions of CLW (Nienna + Roglud)
4 bloodstones 50gp each
Garnet 500gp
Onyx 50gp
potion of blur (tristan)
scrolls of cure mod wounds,invisibility expeditious retreat,identify, silence (Nienna?)
24pp 350gp 188sp


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