Danger at Dunwater 5

The party proceed into the lair.

Discovering Kitchens, A larder stocked with shocking food stuffs including Gnoll and giant frog.
An armory loaded with weapons supplied by the Daggerford smugglers.

The party decide to exit and regroup.
On their exit they are confronted by the chief and his officers.
Fortunately he can speak common and a truce is negotiated.

A Weregild payment in compensation for the slain warriors is agreed.
Gold is paid without hesitation by Nienna.
A rabid giant Crocodile that is devouring patrols must be slain.
The Lizardmen are powerless to respond to this relentless hunter as the Crocodile is a sacred creature to them.

The party rest and regroup within the lizardmen lair in preparation for the Crocodile hunt.


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