DaggerFord Campaign 2

Kal’ris and Krell almost get eaten by a Wizard’s desk

Daggerford. The Lady Luck Tavern a week later.
Krell is introduced by Thrace to Kal’ris an associate from Waterdeep.

“Well met, I regret sending you out on such short notice, but I have need of your services quickly.
“A” friend” of mine has agreed to turn over a very important tome to the Twilight Academy at great risk to herself. In return I’m sending you with funds to secure and safely return the manuscript.
“Take this payment to Linna Montrovale at the Academae, and let her know that I sent you. When you present the payment to her, she should provide you with the Alaunti Apprentice’s Codex. Once you have it, make haste returning, and of course, be careful! Others might not take kindly to losing a text they never realized existed under the roof of the Academae,

Thrace drops a clinking bag of valuable gems on the table, with an advance for Krell and Kal’ris.
They meet Spugnoir who is only too happy to introduce a street urchin Petch who is the Apprentice’s apprentice and lead them to his home Delfen’s Academae, Petch foolishly burns all his lvl 0 spell slots testing magic tricks as they walk.
Spugnoir shows them to Linna’s door and is worried to find the door locked and the sound of her cat familiar inside. Kal’ris easily breaks down the door.

This old classroom has been well kept—magical, flameless torches light the room, darkwood bookshelves line the walls, and the hardwood floors are well polished. But the room is marred by signs of a recent scuffle. Books have been pulled down and thrown to the floor, papers are scattered, and in the classroom’s summoning circle near a polished mahogany desk lies the crumpled form of an elderly human female. She lies face up, dressed in a dark-colored professor’s smock. A black cat perches on the woman’s chest, alternately crying out and licking her face, as if trying to awaken its master.

Investigating the room Krell discovers a box of potions, one labelled ”Medicinal Brew” and promptly pockets them and a hand full of the gems whilst no one is looking. Kal’ris inspects Lidda to discover that she is unconscious and has constriction injuries.
Apex the wizard’s cat is mewing and clawing a spot on the bookcase and inspection reveals a concealed safe box. Lacking in thieving skills the party are relieved to discover the matching key on Lidda’s body.
No sooner than the key is turned than large desk that Sam (the watchman that has tagged along to make sure the gem payment goes to the right place) is sitting on morphs into a large mimic all teeth and fists. The mimic has been sent by a rival wizard Khelleck to steal the Manuscript.
Sam is torn to bits in the first strike. A battle follows with Kal’ris bravely facing the monster, the apprentices and Krell hurling magic and missiles.
Kal’ris inflicts damage but is knocked unconscious; Krell hurls the alcohol flask followed by a critical hit with a flaming arrow.
Things are looking bad, Spugnoir is floored. Krell is distracted by Defin’s familiar a monkey who peers though the window. Pure luck prevents Krell from killing it with an arrow.
Delfin arrives and slays the mimic with a deluge of powerful magic. Furious with his students for making so much noise and bringing a creature into his tower.
The manuscript in the safe is fake and Lidda exchanges the real one magically disguised as a brooch for the gem bag,
The party return to Thrace who hadn’t wanted to be seen by Khelleck or his associates and complete their task, having drunk all the healing potions they could find or steal.

XP. 300 Krell. 300 Kal,ris
Gold. 200 in gems each. 2 in earnings for Krell
Loot. Potion of Bulls Strength
Hero Point for Kal’ris for attacking a creature way bigger than himself


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